Design: Seasonal Cafe, by Joy Torab

This design has strong attributes that are commonly used and widely understood, highly effective technologies and also, devices that are unproven and somewhat theoretical. Occupancy sensors and operable doors and windows are excellent additions that would garner considerable savings. Operable skylights are an excellent idea, but would require considerable mirrored light shafts and, likely, some kind of fan, as the space is on the ground floor of a three story, mixed use building.

Waste heat harvesting from the hood chimney is an idea that's time is long overdue.  As most restaurants have hoods with some sort of heat waste, the potential for savings is broad and deep. Currently, however, this simple augmentation would be highly problematic. The system has evolved around an assumption of the chimney heat, in relation to waste oils, which are, of course, highly responsive to temperature change. In such a design, waste oils would not travel in the optimum manner, vaporized and evacuated with the air, thus creating a dangerous accumulation of oils. In another design, Artouro, a heat recycling hood and cooktop is included. This system is proprietary and was specifically developed to manage waste oils while recycling heat. To approach this potential, maintenance issues, and installation and repair costs have to be considered, due to the prevassive commonality of waste hoods that rely on high heat chimneys. Perhaps this is an optimum location for thermoelectricty, instead of heat harvesting.

The focus on awareness and education works very well with the style of this business model. It increases viable marketing opportunities and audiences. The seasonal nature of the menu, as it combines with seasonal 'campaigns' is creative and makes sense.

Rainwater catchment, which is growing in popularity, is well integrated.

Piezoelectricity and thermoelectricity are uncommon and would be experimental in this environment. They both have the potential to be develped into effective and commonly used 'free energy' technologies. Estimates of power output would be very helpful to this design.

The layout of the cafe interior is optimistic, it is doubtful that this much seating can be accommodated, especially with a large piano.

This submission would benefit from rooftop installations and food growth.