Design: 3EGG

3EGG, by Julie

The name is good, perfectly descriptive, simple, and focused. Eggs are a popular food, have a low carbon footprint and can be procured locally. The terrace dining theme is an attractive if not foreign idea for Seattle.

From a practical business standpoint, a small space with only 18 seats can’t generate enough sales to have a profitable operation with only breakfast. This mitigates the energy savings achieved by being open only during daylight hours.

Positive elements include a green roof, wind energy capture and sun tubes. Generally, this design could be improved by allowing elements that serve only a single, non-essential purpose to be replaced with or reconfigured as multi-functioning elements.
For instance, the “arbor” is essentially decorative and contributes to the ambience dimension of the restaurant's whole product. Could the same purpose be achieved with an installation that also serves an integrated function? From a materials use standpoint, it requires a lot of material for too few purposes. Similarly, the green roof could be doubly effective by adding food growth. When the elements have two or more uses, and are tightly integrated – the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. Similarly, the daylighting, rainwater catchment and green roof could all inform the space and character of the café.

The tankless electric DHW heaters would best be replaced with gas, which tend to be much more efficient.